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The Listening Books Podcast

For readers of every kind, but especially for fans of audiobooks.

Listening Books is a UK charity that provides audiobooks to anyone who struggles to read or hold a book due to an illness, disability, learning difficulty or mental health issue. To find out more go to

Jun 27, 2019

'Being read to is a basic human need.'

Jess meets the person behind the microphone to find out more about what it takes to be a narrator. Voice artist Bronwen Price talks about what it is like to record stories in the studio, what helps her give her best performance and what her dream books to read would be.


Jun 13, 2019

'I don't want to be distracted by the voice.'

Jess is joined by Listening Books staff members Nik and Claire to talk about the art of audiobook narration. What are the qualities that set the best narrators apart, and what quirks let a good book down? Nik and Claire recommend some favourite narrators before being put...