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The Listening Books Podcast

For readers of every kind, but especially for fans of audiobooks.

Listening Books is a UK charity that provides audiobooks to anyone who struggles to read or hold a book due to an illness, disability, learning difficulty or mental health issue. To find out more go to

Oct 25, 2018

'No one is more goth than Mary Shelley.'

To celebrate 200 years of Frankenstein, or The Modern Prometheus, Abigail Jaggers tells Jessica all about the bizarre life of the writer Mary Shelley, as they take a deep dive together into the story that has been so influential, you might feel like you've read it even if you...

Oct 11, 2018

'Are you crazy? Don't go in the Basement!'

What makes a horror story a horror? Who's the real monster? In this first episode, host Jessica Stone delves into the dingy depths of horror books with Claire Bell and Nik de Garis as they talk about some of their favourite spooky reads and puzzle out Jess's Horrible Horror...